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About Us and Dreamtime Properties Ltd

Mike Harbourne
Mike Harbourne
Mike Harbourne

About Us

Dreamtime Properties Ltd is owned and managed by Mike Harbourne, who has been happily ‘Living the Dream’ in the high Alpujarra since 2005.

In the UK, Mike worked as a senior manager in both the NHS and Local Authority and, before leaving for Spain, was the government´s “Skills for Life” Strategy Co-Ordinator for Nottinghamshire. His life-long love of travelling culminated in him giving up the suit and tie and moving to La Alpujarra in Andalucía (via the rest of the world!), first to Pitres in La Taha, then Bubión and Capileira in the Poqueira valley.

It was in Capileira that Mike met his partner, Laura Harris, who has lived and worked in the area since 2003. Back in the UK, Laura was an actress and presenter for many years until she later trained in clinical psychology within the NHS, before swopping East London for a very different life in La Alpujarra.

Mike and Laura both spent several years in beautiful Capileira, and now live in the enchanting and unspoilt area of La Taha. They both love exploring the high mountains, though whilst Laura prefers to walk, eagerly accompanied by Freebie, their very energetic young sheepdog cross, Mike prefers to give his legs a rest these days and go on horseback!

They are currently reforming their cortijo … a long term project …, and learning about organic gardening and viticulture. After a busy day they love to share a glass or two of wine with friends on the terrace of their favourite bar and listen to the musicians of the Alpujarras!

How we do business

Unfortunately, a lot of people have had bad experiences with estate agents ... we certainly have!

Less than honest at times, forgetting to mention that little, but oh so crucial detail - like, for instance, the owner of the property you’ve agreed to buy from actually isn’t the owner after all.

Or, spinning you yarns regarding what is possible and what is definitely not possible with your land or property. Then there’s the unreliable estate agents who say they’re going to meet up with you or arrange something for you and then don’t!

Well, that’s definitely not how we do business.

As previously mentioned, we are here living our dreams too and, to be frank, we really don’t want to waste your time or ours dealing with the upset, hassle and stress that conducting business in such a manner can cause for you or for us!

Total honesty, reliability and a friendly personal service - that’s what you can expect from us. So, we only sell properties for people legally entitled to sell them; if the property is a pile of stones and inhabited by goats, we’ll tell you it’s a pile of stones inhabited by goats; if the nearest access road, water or electricity supply is 20 miles away, we’ll tell you; if there are plans to build a nightclub next to your house or if there is a public right of way through your living room we promise we will tell you - not after you’ve signed the contract but right from the outset. And that’s a promise!