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Algo Sobre Andalucia

Mike Harbourne

“Dreamtime Properties Ltd. is a small and friendly English and Spanish estate agency near Órgiva, set in the beautiful and unspoilt La Taha district in the High Alpujarra mountains.”

The area

The beautiful La Taha (where we're living our dreams!) and the neighbouring Poqueira valley are in the the Alpujarra mountains, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and are home to some of the prettiest and most traditional "pueblos" or villages in the region. Whitewashed stone houses, old churches, freshwater fountains and colourful plazas; all clinging to the sides of the mesmerising mountains of Las Alpujarras.

Although only a one hour drive away from the beautiful Moorish city of Granada, a half an hour drive from Orgiva (the largest town in the western Alpujarras), and a little over an hour’s drive to the beach, the friendly local people, the relaxed pace of life, the quiet, almost traffic free roads, give you the feeling of going back in time to the Spain of old.

Beautiful walks in the mountains and valleys, driving over lemons (sorry!), picnicing in shady glades of fruit and almond trees, pottering about in the craft shops and pretty villages, drinking the local tipple and eating the fabulous tapas of locally cured hams and cheeses, or just sitting around watching the ever-changing and beautiful light of the mountains, the Alpujarra mountain range really is the place where you can live your dreams.

Whether you're an artist seeking solitude or inspiration, someone who's looking for a holiday home or retreat, or someone who's just had enough of the "rat race" and is looking for a complete change of lifestyle and pace, we can help you to find the land, house, villa or cottage of your dreams. Dreamtime Properties Ltd. has a wide range of properties to suit your needs and budget.

How we do business

Unfortunately, a lot of people have had bad experiences with estate agents ... I know I have.

Less than honest at times, forgetting to mention that little, but oh so crucial detail—like, for instance, the owner of the property you’ve agreed to buy from actually isn’t the owner after all.

Or, spinning you yarns regarding what is possible and what is definitely not possible with your land or property, or, the unreliable estate agent who says they’re going to do / arrange something for you, meet up with you or arrange a meeting for you and then doesn’t!

Well, that’s definitely not how we do business.

As previously mentioned, we are here living our dreams too and to be frank, we really don’t want to waste your time or ours dealing with the upset, hassle and stress that conducting business in such a manner can cause for you or for us!

Total honesty, reliability and a friendly, personal service, that’s what you can expect from us. So, we only sell properties for people legally entitled to sell them: if the property is a pile of stones and inhabited by goats, we’ll tell you it’s a pile of stones inhabited by goats; if the nearest access road, mains water or electricity supply is 20 miles away, we’ll tell you, if there are plans to build a nightclub next to your house or if there is a public path right of way through your living room we promise we will tell you: not after you’ve signed the contract but right from the outset. And that’s a promise!