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Our Rough Guide to Selling Property in Spain

Mike Harbourne

“Dreamtime Properties Ltd is a small and friendly English and Spanish speaking estate agency near Órgiva, based in the beautiful and unspoilt La Taha Valley.”

New legislation for marketing properties

New laws in Andalucía have changed the way we can market your property and have created a new set of requirements for vendors to provide. This new law is called Decree 218 (akin to HIPS in the United Kingdom) and is designed to offer transparency and consumer protection. Whilst there is a heavy emphasis on protecting the buyer, it should be noted that it is also to protect you the vendor.

Failure to provide the information required will mean that we cannot list your property. The repercussions of not adhering to this law can leave both the agent and the vendor with huge fines totalling as much as the value of the property.

Dreamtime Properties Ltd is currently going through a process to bring all our properties in line with the new law and developing easy to use forms for our vendors to complete. The forms give all the details regarding your property, including the size of the property and grounds and the services that are connected etc. These forms will be available to download soon.

Selling through us

If you already own a property that you want to sell, we would be happy to try to find a buyer for you.

We have a basic contract between you, the vendor, and us, the agent, which we will ask you to sign. This outlines our commission rates and proves that we have your permission to sell your property.

We would then need to come and see your property, take measurements, complete the above mentioned documents and take photos. We will then put the property details on this website as well as on a large property portal that we subscribe to. We will also send the details to any potential buyers on our database, as well as informing the other companies that we are associated with both here in Spain and in the UK..

Our charges

If we do not find a buyer, or if you decide not to sell, then there is absolutely no charge whatsoever to you. If we do find a buyer for you and the sale is completed then we will charge you a commission based on the selling price of your property. This commission is only due on completion of the sale. We will be happy to explain our commission rates when we come to see your property.


We do not have exclusive contracts either, so you are free to advertise your property yourself or put it with other agents. You only pay us if we sell it!